Frequently Ask Questions

1Forex Rebates Plan or Cash Back – How does it work ?
Forex Rebates or Forex Cashback are both the same thing. A Forex rebate is a return of a certain part of broker spread/commission back to clients.

To start earning Forex Rebates all you have to do is open Live Trading Account using our partnerlink with your selected broker. Every time you trade at one of our partner brokers, you will receive rebate from us. This amount paid to you is what we call rebates or cashback.

Here are 3 simple steps to understand how does it works:

  • We refer traders to Brokers.
  • The Brokers appreciate it, so they share some of the spreads and commissions our referred traders pay.
  • We hand a vast majority of these earnings back to our customer in the form of instant or monthly payments depending on broker you joined.
2Why should i open an account via and not directly with a broker?
You won’t be able to get rebates. When you open an account on your own, the broker will not pay any rebates. Our website plays the role of an introducing/referring broker. Forex Rebate is to increase your profitability and to minimize your losses while you still learning forex. You can save hundreds of dollars per month with no extra effort. So it’s necessary to register and join our Forex Rebate Plan if you’d like to receive rebates from your transactions.
3Will my trading conditions change if I register with your Forex Rebate Plan? (Spreads, commissions, swap, etc)
No. Your conditions will remain exactly the same.
4If i sign up your service, will you have access to my trading account and see my trades or account balance?
Definitely NO. Your account is password protected and only you have access to it. Broker will never share any notification about your account balance or trade history to anyone. Broker are bind with legistation and their privacy policy.
5Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?
No matter how successful your trading is, you will be paid for each executed trade.
6How much rebate can i get from successful trade?
The rebate is unlimited depending on your trading volume, account type, trading instrument and broker rebate rate. The more you trade, the more you earn. Remember to keep the trading volume high to get more rebate into your account.
7What do i do if i disagree with the amount of rebate i received?
Mistakes can happen anytime and we are happy to take a second look. Please report to us within two (2) weeks after the rebate payment transferred into your account. Otherwise the calculation and the transfer amount will be considered to be correct and confirmed by you.
Simply contact us with a copy of your account statement and screenshot with a request to have the matter investigated.
8Is your service free of charge?
Absolutely! All we do for you we do absolutely for FREE. On the contrary, we pay you for choosing our service.
9What method do you use to transfer the rebate or how will i get paid ?
In order to keep our costs down and pay you the highest possible rebates, the general payment option we offer is to pay you directly back into your trading account. From there you may withdrawal your money via the brokers payout methods.

Depending on which Broker you choose, in some cases we offer Neteller, Skrill and Local Bank transfer as alternative payment options. The use of this alternative payment option may require some amount of processing fees that charged by the payment service provider you choose. We will deduct the amount for processing fees from your rebate payment amount. Please refer to the payment service provider website for their updated processing fee charges.Partner Broker List page for broker that offers Auto Rebate payment method). For broker that does not offers Auto Rebate payment method the rebates will be paid once a month on the last working day of each month's for the previous months trading. This is to give your broker time to provide us with the necessary accounting and payments, and for us to administer that payment to you.
11Do you have any minimum or maximum payout ?
Yes. For our alternative payment option the minimum amount is $30. The withdrawal of smaller sums won’t be beneficial for you as various administration fees and charges by the payment service provider will be larger than the transfer benefit. The money will be kept on your balance and added to the rebates for the next month.

There are no limitation for rebate payout into your trading account. Rebate transfer to trading account use internal transaction between our account and your account, therefore, there's no processing fees or charges imposed.
12What if the broker i’d like to trade with is not on your list?
We are happy to add new brokers to the list but it also depends on which you choose to join. Contact us and tell us what broker you would like to receive rebates from and we will look in to the matter. In most cases we can help you.
13What is the definition of ‘PIPS’ ?
A PIP is a standardized unit and it is usually the smallest amount by which a currency price changes. A pip is usually the forth decimal (0.0001) in the price of a currency pair. For pairs with the Japanese yen (JPY) a pip is calculated in the second decimal (0.01).
14What is the definition of 'Round Turn Lot'?
A complete trade, including both entry and exit. Also called Round Trip.
15How do i sign up with Rebate Plan and start get rebate for my trade?
Get started in 4 simple steps :
  1. Select and open a trading account using our partner link with any broker in our Partner Broke List or click the broker logo that you want to join from this website. The full list of our partner broker are available at Partner Broker Rebate list .
  2. Fill up the Rebate Registration Form after you successfully open an account with broker to provide us with the trading account number and your contact information. We will then verify the registration and will notify you via email. ( Please bear in mind to contact us if you don’t received any verification email from us within 2 days after you submitted the rebate registration form )
  3. After you received the confirmation email from us which is normally within 12 hour, you can start trading as usual and get rebate for every complete trade you make. ( We would like to advise it is better to start your trading after you received the confirmation email from us. ) Remember to keep the trading volume high to get more rebate into your account.
  4. Some broker may have the Autorebate feature that will automatically transfer the rebate into your trading account after position is closed, and for some broker that doesn't offers the automatic transfer, the rebates will be calculate and transfer on monthly basis. You can find complete details of what broker have to offer at Partner Broker Rebate List or within Rebate Registration Form.